Best home water filtration system

You have decided to install a home water filtration system, and want to make a final decision on the best water filtration system for your needs.
Your final decision will be based on what you want to achieve, would you describe yourself as a person who is extremely concerned about the water supply in your locality and the very thought of drinking tap water makes you feel sick.

You will need the best water filtration system available

If this is the case your decision will be influenced by the extensive knowledge you have gathered on the subject of clean pure water. You will be looking for a high end filtration system with all the bells and whistles so to speak, because any activity you engage in that requires using water down to having a shower will be deemed a risk to your health and those of your family.
If this describes you, the best filtration system will be a Reverse Osmosis System there are a number of brands to choose from on the market.Aquasana Whole House water Filtration system

One important consideration to keep in mind is water wastage; with the cost of town water increasing this is something you should take into consideration. However if you have well-water you may have added cost of replacing filters more regularly. Listed below are things you should consider before your purchase.

  • Water flow
  • Amount of water processed daily
  • Price of replacement filters and frequency, life span
  • The quality of parts, are they plastic or brass?
  • Installation requirements
  • Licensed plumber an added cost
  • Warranty activation usually requires a licensed plumber

Take all this into consideration before you make your final decision on which brand you will purchase.

What is a Reverse Osmosis System?
RO (reverse osmosis) is one of the most cost-effective ways of removing most contaminants found in drinking water, reverse osmosis is a process where water is treated using a semi permeable membrane osmosis pressure drives water through the membrane, to remove over 90% of contaminants.

  • Nitrates
  • Sodium
  • Fluorides
  • Heavy metals
  • Foul tastes
  • Smells and colors

They also can reduce the level of some pesticides and other nasties found in water, however you will need to check with the manufacturer of the unit you decide on to verify this information.
The Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System is a good place to start for a whole house water filter system; there are many brands on the market.

Aquasana under counter water Filter systemBest filtration system for you…
“I’m only concerned about the taste and removing chloride”. If this describes you and your main concerns are about taste or smell of your water supply and removing some contaminates, you will be looking at something a little cheaper and easier to install.
A less expensive home filtration system will suit your needs to remove the following:

  • Added chlorine
  • Smell and taste
  • Removing sediment
  • Reducing the purchase of bottled water
  • Hard water

There are a number of less pricy units on the market which will suit your needs at this stage of your water awareness journey. The Aquasana AQ-4501.55 Premium under Counter Water Filter System would probably suit your requirements.

  • Easy to install
  • Filters need replacing every six months
  • Removes contaminates
  • Water smell and tastes removed

You can enjoy the benefits of drinking clean water for the whole family without going to the expense of using licensed plumbers and the other additional cost that are part of installing a whole house filtration system.

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In conclusion the best home water filtration system is the one that suits your budget and does the job.




Kids Camelbak Bottle Great Choice For Children

Kids Camelbak 0.4 Liter better bottle is a popular choice for parent to buy for their young children. In most cases parents or grandparents are looking for a safer alternative to polycarbonate plastics.
During the research process I found that most parents still want the ease of using a light weight safe and BPA free water bottle for their children. This material suits the lifestyle of many people it’s light, easy to clean, can be reused and virtually unbreakable.  All features sort after in this busy world.

Kids Camelbak Features

Kids Camelbak bottle is a great choice and you have come to the right place, … BPA free Tritan material in a variety of colors and graphics. It features a detachable bite valve for easy and hygienic cleaning an important factor when dealing with young children. There is a finger loop for easy carrying and a shield to protect against spills.
Kids Camelbak are ideal for pre-school or for a day out with the family. The bottle is a good size only 0.4 /12oz the unique bite valve means flip bite and sip no tipping required, this also includes the famous Camelbak guarantee. The bite valve material is made from medical grade silicone and the straw material is BPA free.

A variety of colors and graphics

The hardest part here is choosing the color and design, you know what your little prince or princess likes it could be one of the following:Kids Camelbak - Zinnia's Design

  • Sharks
  • Berry Fairy
  • Pirates
  • Zinnias
  • Dinosaurs
  • Rainbows

This is a comment from a real person click this link for the source.

I purchased these for my children: 2 1/2 and 4 years old. These are great!! They needed something to take with them to pre-school for the summer program as they are outside a lot. These are durable, user friendly and have a great design. I ordered the Berry Fairies for my daughter and the Pirates for my son. I was cautious b/c of the bite valve and whether or not my kids would get the hang of it. They did no problem. My kids are hard on the bottles- they don’t always stay upright, but they don’t leak either. good purchase.

Comments about Kids Camelbak Bottle

The Pros

Comments below have been paraphrased you can see the complete reviews at this link, however the remarks were overwhelmingly positive.

  • Perfect bottle for kids, very durable and easy to clean.
  • BPA free and don’t dent like metal bottles.
  • I like the Tritan bottles – you can see how much liquid is left.
  • They hold just enough water and are not too heavy.
  • It’s a perfect size to fit in his car seat cup holder.
  • Camelbak Kids Tritan Bottle is dishwasher-safe

Kids Camelbak - Sharks DesignThe Cons

Not everyone was happy with the purchase of their Kids Camelbak bottle , some were just unlucky or there were other factors that influenced their comments. Leaking when the bottle was on it’s side was one of the most common remarks, however please keep in mind that this bottle was designed for children three years and older.

  • If the bottle is lying on its side, water may leak from the spout
  • This bottle is for children three years and over.

This is a comment by a real person, Hawaii chef click this link for the source

Just wanted to let possible buyers know that several of the complaints about this water bottle are from consumers who are using them for children under 3 years old. I purchased two for my 2 year olds and love them so far but think it’s important to note that it clearly states on the packaging that the product is for chilren 3 years and older.

I hope that this review made your decision easier and you have gained some useful information about Camelbak Kids bottle, however if a Camelbak Kids Stainless Steel is more what you are after click here

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