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Camelbak Water Bottle Review

During the research process I thought I would check out the company behind the product and Camelbak Bottles certainly had an interesting start.

They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and this is reflected in their product range.
A little history to start with…
Michael Eidson was a bicycle enthusiast and in 1988 he was competing in the “Hotter’N Hell 100” a 100 mile road race in the hot summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas.

Keeping hydrated was of paramount importance and there were very few places to refill a water bottle.

So he came up with a genius idea of using an IV bag filled with water, supporting it with a white tube sock and securing the device on his back. Michael was able to continue pedaling while others had to stop and refill their bottles. This is where hands-free hydration started and revolutionized the industry.

(CamelBak water bottles some people search online using the term Camelback, so both phrases will be used).

Camelbak BPA Free Water BottleThe features of CamelBak Stainless Steel Bottles
Camelbak (Camelback) have a variety of water bottles to suit many lifestyles, their stainless steel 0.75 liter water bottle is made from medical-grade stainless steel. The stainless steel bottle contains no inner liner to break down and is naturally BPA- free, and they have a compatible 63mm cap including filters and accessories.Camelbak Bottle
The Camelbak water bottle has a revolutionary ‘flip and Sip with Big Bite Valve’ which will benefit those that have to keep their hands free while being active. Camelbak (Camelback) are world leaders in hands –free hydration systems.

Camelbak stainless steel bottles also come in a variety of pattern designs.

Who would use Camelbak Bottles
There are a number of reasons why this water bottle system would be of benefit to you even if you weren’t involved in a professional sporting activity:

  • Gym session
  • Working at the office, save money and minimize the impact on the environment with a reusable water bottle
  • Jogging, hiking or just walking, carry a BPA-free bottle
  • Traveling, carry a stainless steel bottle in your luggage
  • Bicycle racing take a sturdy metal bottle with a hands-free ‘flip and Sip with Big Bite Valve’

After researching many of comments about the Camelbak Stainless Steel water bottles I came up with the following list of pros and cons about the product’s performance.
Camelbak Stainless Steel BottleThe Pros
What was surprising was the amount that purchased the Camelbak bottle for work, and liked the idea of the straw system; they loved the concept of not having to spend time screwing and unscrewing the cap to take a drink and the bottle was spill proof. The water goes in your mouth not all over you.
While exercising at the gym, jogging or just walking the bottle was a big hit; you could continue with your activity without stopping, but still have that all important water to keep you hydrated.

The Camelbak stainless bottle held enough water to quench your thirst.
Being stainless steel and BPA- free was one of the major factors in purchasing this innovative water bottle that included a unique hands- free system and a revolutionary flip and Sip with Big Bite Valve .

Camelbak (camelback) have additional accessories for their bottles, including insulated carriers and bottle brush kits.
Let me show you what current owners are saying about it

I purchased this water bottle for work since I like my water cold but I can’t always get to it when it’s fresh. The water bottle gets so cold that it feels frozen from the outside. The straw takes a little getting used to since you have to squeeze the silicone with your teeth and then suck to get the water..

Review original review here.

The Cons
The most frequent comment was about the big bite valve, many seemed to love it and others didn’t like the big bite valve system.

It takes time to get use to drinking through the ‘Big Bite Valve’ and if you are really thirsty you have to take the top off to get a big gulp of water because the valve controls the flow of water. (Perhaps a good thing, drinking too fast can create belly ache)
A few reviews also stated that if the bottle was on its side for long enough it will leak.
Overall the research indicated that the Camelbak stainless steel bottle was value for money, and well worth purchasing to keep you hydrated.

When shopping online you want to feel safe and confident with your online purchase and know that you are getting the best price.

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