Should we drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day?

How much water do you drink per day?

To maintain a healthy body you should drink eight glasses of water per day. The “8X8” policy has dominated the water landscape so to speak for years. Drink eight glasses of water to maintain a healthy level of water intake and to stay fit and healthy has been the cry far and wide.

Where did this “8×8” recommendation come from?

Is it based on any scientific fact or is it something invented by commercial based industries.
What medical study or trial verify this “8X8” statement

Do we automatically drink eight classes of water without question?

Whole industries today have built around the importance of increasing your water intake, and these industries have taken many forms.

  • Weight loss
  • Water bottles
  • Cleansing diets
  • Health industry
  • Beauty industry

This list is endless.
Water can not be patented so maybe this is a contributing factor. However all this still doesn’t answer the question of the source of the “8×8” water policy, recommendation. This subject requires response. However don’t misinterpret the contents of this article; increasing your water intake is without question paramount to optimum health. After all according to scientific fact our bodies are made up predominately of this life preserving substance.

Do some research

Glass of waterMake yourself comfortable surf the internet and find the answer. What you are lightly to encounter is website after website advocating the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day. However no evidence is presented to substantiate these claims, in fact an editorial entitled ‘Just Add Water” conducted an extensive research to find a study to validate this claim, unfortunately none was found.
Should drinking eight glasses of water be part of your daily routine?
The fact remains that most of us just don’t drink enough of the right fluids we may drink lots of;

  • Coffee or tea
  • Soda based drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Milk (flavored)
  • Fruit juice (sweetened)

The truth is that all these liquids do contribute to your daily intake of fluids but adding pure water will contribute to your overall health and will be reflected on your waistline.  Unfortunately the 8X8 oz (240ml) glasses of water for a 24- hour period have no scientific bases.

In conclusion if you are thirsty drink water!