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Thank you for visiting my ‘about page’, my name is Louise and this is my site. One of the things I like to do is walk and drop in and have coffee at my favorite Cafe. However one thing I found was that I was not drinking enough water when I went for my morning walks.
Now I got away with this in the cooler winter months but summer was a different story. My walks aren’t just a casual stroll; I can travel some distance 15km/9miles. Well the point to all this is I would end up with a headache, pretty basic stuff really. Drink more water!

Or take water with you!

Time for changeGillian

Things had to change; the problem was carrying water… with my camera, iPod, sunnies and hat, it seemed all too hard, I just didn’t have enough hands. Arriving back home with a pounding headache which spoiled the rest of the day didn’t make any sense, without taking into consideration the danger of dehydration it was no laughing matter.
So I ended up purchasing a stainless Steel water bottle. In fact I purchased a number of them and discovered the freedom and long term cost benefits and not to mention reducing the environmental usage of plastic bottles on an individual level.
There must be lots of people like me, so I decided to build this site Water Bottle Review and feature the best water bottles and filtration and hydration systems out there.
Drink more water from an environmentally friendly and safe water bottle.


Drink more water and stay hydrated!