Water Bottles and Water Filters Systems Review

Welcome to water bottle review, this site was created to feature the variety of water bottles available on the market. The need to hydrate one has never been so important, everywhere there is information about the significance of this. There is much controversy on the various materials used in water bottles whether they are bought for convenience and then thrown away or if they are produced for long term use.
We are also bombarded with information from many sources about the best choice to make and many of us have come to a decision already on which type of water bottles we would prefer.

Review of all the popular water bottles

This site reviews the most popular water bottles on the market and will help you come to a final decision on which to purchase. You undoubtedly have already some understanding of what type of container you wish to use, the menu on the right will list all the various water bottles individually reviewed with as much detail available so you can make a final informed decision.Camelbak Water Bottle

Every effort has been made to present the information in clear concise and accurate manner. The products featured will have both the pros and cons for an honest appraisal.

Which is the best water bottle?

Choosing the right water bottle is of paramount importance, we want to make sure that we are drinking out of the best and safest containers on the market whether your final choice is;

Children’s Water Bottles

During the research process it seemed that most parents still want the ease of using a light weight safe and BPA free water bottle for their children. This material suits the lifestyle of many people it’s light, easy to clean, can be reused and virtually unbreakable.  All features sort after in this busy world. Metal water bottles for children in the form of stainless steel are also popular for little ones.

What are the best Water Drinking Filter Systems?

Concern over using the right water bottle now necessitates you to go one step further and check out the best water drinking filtered systems to use so that you have the complete package. There are many drinking water filtered systems on hand and you can easily become confused with the diversity of units available.Aquasana Filter System
You may be just looking for something simple to sit on your bench top or a more complex water filter system for your whole house. With that thought in mind let’s take a quick look at what is offered;

  • Water pitcher or jug systems
  • Counter top drinking water filters
  • Tap or facet mounted filters
  • Under stink or under counter systems
  • Refrigerator filters
  • Point of entry or whole house filter systems
  • Portable filters used by hikers and those traveling to remote areas

Before an objective decision can be made about which water drinking filter system to use, you should ask the question, what I am trying to achieve. Is the taste of water my only concern or am I worried about contaminants in my local water supply.
The answer will determine what your choice will be and may well save you time, money and inconvenience.

You want the best for your needs and those of your family…